Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Teachers Association

Membership of Abacus Association:

Applications are inviting from around the world who are all teaching, training, adopting and following Abacus Education in their country. Any abacus and mental arithmetic organization can apply the membership of Abacus Association should submit application form.
Individual members can apply for online examinations. Institutional members and member countries shall follow the procedure of Grading Examination.

    Age Qualification & Admission:

  • The Signatories to the Memorandum of the Trust & the Office Bearers of the Governing Body of the Association shall be the Founder Members of the Trust.
  • The Governing Body may admit to membership any persons over 18 years of age, at least Madhyamik Pass(X Standerer or Secendary) & irrespective of castes, creeds, religion or sex & who aggress to be bound by the Memorandum of Trust and Regulations of the Trust & who in the opinion of the Governing Body will be interested in advancement of the Aims & Objects of the Trust. Be it noted here that the power to admin member is the sole and absolute power of the Governing body may refuse to admit any persons as a member without assigning any reasons therefore.

    AMATA has an annual membership of around 50 individuals and institutions.There are many benefits to being an AMATA member, including:

  • being part of the largest network of Abacus & Mental Arithmetic educators across the Globe.
  • being kept up to date with the latest Abacus education issues.
  • being kept up to date with information about the latest Abacus teaching resources.
  • Special members' prices on Books, mathematics resources and events.
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