Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Teachers Association

Scholarship Program


In order to promote the education and culture of the abacus and mental arithmetic throughout the nation, the AMATA sets up this scholarship to reward students for their persistence of learning the abacus and mental arithmetic, for their support for the association, and for their services to our communities.

Number of Awards: Twenty

Amount: INR 1 lakh per award


All applicants must meet all three requirements below.

1) Has to be recommended by the student’s teacher.

2) Must pass the Level 2 or higher level on the abacus or the mental arithmetic assessment this year.

3) Has never been awarded the abacus scholarship or the mental arithmetic scholarship from the Orion.

Abacus Association Submission methods:

1) Fill out the application form on the website: http://abacuscompetition.com/scholarship.php

2) Write an essay (in English) about the experiences of learning the abacus and mental arithmetic. Please include a title for this essay.

Please download and use the form from the website.

4) Submission deadline is May 15, 2017


1) The application will not be accepted without meeting the qualifications.

2) The evaluations will be based on a student’s progress, essay, community service, and his/her teacher’s recommendation.

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